Sherco Factory Support

I have had an 07 Race Replica 450 Sherco since 08 and have loved everything about it except fuel economy which was running around 35 mpg, still I put a side tank on it and made do.

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting late in my office and thought I would just send the Sherco factory a message asking about my problem .

The very next day I had a reply suggesting I send my ECU and throttle body to the factory in France and they would see what they could do for me .

I sent the parts along with a note saying that I ride at 5000ft and above and mainly do single track .

My parts were returned in about a week just in time for a 500 mile ride in NM .

Imagine my surprise when the Sherco returned more than 50 mpg every ride down there and now with both ignition maps working really well it is twice the fun to ride .

Kudos to a good factory .

Anyone else with a similar tale ?

Wow.....awesome story, and a leap of faith to send your parts to France :busted:

Leap of faith maybe but I felt it was fantastic to even get a reply from a factory without being some guru dirt racer or sponser.

We exchanged a few e mails and I just got another reply this morning saying they were very pleased to be able to help out after I told them the results .

I will buy another Sherco perhaps their 300 .:busted:

A factory that listens to owners ! Now there's a rare thing.:busted:

I gotta tell you, that is way cool! did they charge you? Did the bike suffer in power afterward?

Charged me not 1 cent and they ate the return shipping .

The bike runs better than ever ! I couldn't feel any difference in the switchable maps before Sherco played with it , maybe that's because it's a race replica and only came with one map ? I really don't know .

What I do know that now it runs fantastic on the mild map and rip yer arms out on the hot map. So much bloody fun it hardly seems legal .:bonk::ride:

So what I got was a faster bike with much much better economy .:busted::worthy::busted:

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