DRZ400E to dual sport?

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what I need to change my 2002E bike over to a street/dirt bike. I have a very limited wiring harness so I thought about a Baja Designs kit but they are WAY too expensive. Do I need a wiring harness from an S model and then maybe the headlight assembly, horn, switch gear and signals? What about the relays, I am not running the factory dash, I have a vapor. Any insight will be greatly appreciated!


Hi. Repost your question in the Suzuki DRZ400 forum. Lots of help there.

cool, thanks! I will look for that one

DER....Like This is the DRZ400 forum....:lol:

Sorry , can't help the OP....

:busted: Here in Australia we get Real E's with all the on road stuff fitted.....:busted:...:bonk:


yeah ... REAL E

yeah ... REAL E

Why did I know you were going to say that..LOL..:busted: :busted:

we need road legal E's for log hopping wallabies. :busted:

i have 2 choices to AVOID the little :busted:

my DRZ or my CRF



love the long range tank on the crf :busted:

your zed looks tough as, i love it.

yeah , i have a decent tank for it

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