2009 WR250F Ignition/wiring problems

Can anyone help please?

Just got this bike, previous owner disconnected speedo, lights and on/off switch and ran as a motoX. Horrible taped-up wires and a cheap hidden on/off switch. I've tried to put it all back to standard and rode it on Saturday. All was going well until the speedo stopped working then the ignition cut out while I was blasting along. Got a tow to my mates workshop and tried to find the fault. Checked and cleaned all connections, changed a blown fuse and starter relay would click when I pressed button but nothing more. Messed a bit more - plugging in and un-plugging headlight and suddenly all working again! Ran for a minute or two and died again. Red On lamp only comes on when headlamp plugged in! Now with the plug out I can see that I only get a spark for about 5 seconds of cranking then no spark. Crank again and a spark appears just as I let go of the button! I've tried another coil (similar style one off my Fireblade) and that does the same so I guess that proves its not a coil problem.

Help - I love this thing and want to ride!

Get a manual and use the schematic. It sounds like a wire is not plugged in to the correct plug somewhere and/or a loose/lack of ground somewhere.

You need a 35 watt resister in the headlight circuit. I had to do the same with mine, but I ran a switch to go back and forth so I didn't have to wear out the light

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