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Nick Burson Is The Champ!

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Fifth-consecutive USDR title added to the decorated off-road rider's wall of accomplishments.



"We're all super proud of Nick," commented Husqvarna National Marketing Manager Corey Eastman. "He's a solid racer and a great person to have representing Husqvarna. We all want to thank him for another fun season, and for Husqvarna's third-consecutive U.S. Desert Racing championship."

A championship for team Husky / Ty and something for Husky NA to hang their hat on. :busted: Little by little were chipping away at it.

Seems he likes the bike as well...

"The TXC511 with the CTS handles really well," Burson said. "In the desert it always feels really natural. You don't have to change the gearing because the six-speed transmission gives you a lot of bottom end and still a lot of top end. I ran stock gearing all year."


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Yep husky bringing home a championship on the new bike. :busted:

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