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06 CRF450X Idle

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New bike to my collection. It will not idle with the choke off after being warmed up. The bike has been sitting for about four months and the bike started right up when I went to buy it.

Drained the old fuel and took the bike for a ride with the new tank of fuel. Plenty of power and throttle reponse, but still no idle with the choke off.

I have read a few of the posts regarding idle problems and most of them point at the pilot jet/passages. I dissasembled the carb and inspected the jets before cleaning, and no blockage was apparent. I cleaned the jets, carb, and all fuel passages. The bike still wont idle.

Any thoughts..?

Also, The plug on the top of the carb is for the TPS i believe...Can this be affecting the idle?

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Replace the pilot jet with a new one.

Push some # 28 guage copper wire up the pilot passage (it curves).

If you have not re-jetted your bike from stock DO IT NOW. JD kit, or follow the forum sticky specs.

Pull out your fuel screw, and check for corrosion, the o-ring, and washer.

Put in a proper fuel screw (brass only). Adjust to 1.5 turns out.

Start bike, adjust fuel screw.

Do not touch the TPS device.

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Thanks for the Help!

Took it apart one more time and cleaned everything one more time....

It still wouldnt idle after warm up...So I started riding it.

It took a 15-20 miles of riding and it started idling

Great bike to Ride!! Still stock, but has plenty of power, and is still quite.

My other bikes are modified and LOUD of course.

How do I list my Bikes?

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Ah yes, the infamous "ride the piss out of it" technique. Although popular among the lazy and dimwitted for it's ease of execution and minimal research requirements, not always effective.

The fact still remains, there was a fixable problem, which is why we ask questions here. To gain a better understanding of our machines and build a knowledge base.

As Krannie already pointed out, the pilot passage in the carb was most likely the culprit, and his copper wire suggestion was the real fix here. Regardless, glad you got it sorted. :bonk:

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