DRZ400E to dual sport?

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what I need to change my 2002E bike over to a street/dirt bike. I have a very limited wiring harness so I thought about a Baja Designs kit but they are WAY too expensive. Do I need a wiring harness from an S model and then maybe the headlight assembly, horn, switch gear and signals? What about the relays, I am not running the factory dash, I have a vapor. Any insight will be greatly appreciated!


Well it is really pretty simple. Some people do buy a used S harness but that to me is harder then making your own. Buy the components you need: Headlight, tail/brake light, horn, brakelight switch (front or rear or both depending on your state requirements), turn signals (if required by your state) (will it need to be inspected) and switch gear to operate the components. You are looking at maybe $150 to $200 for all that. TrailTech sells a nice crimper and bullet terminals. Buy some wire and have at it.

I suggest you buy 1 relay to run everything you add on and control the relay from the original headlight wire.

THANK YOU! VERY informative!:busted:

Rockymountainmc (dot com) has a kit called TUSK under $200 shipped and very nice looking - complete. I have made harnesses from scratch in the past. For $200 the Tusk kit is a no brain purchase. I just got thru installing one on my bike and am very satisfied. Add $12 for a Walmart Schwinn speedo and call it a day!

+ 1 on the tusk kit

I put the Tusk kit on my E also. I'm very happy with it. They have a good video on installation. It comes with one brake light switch but the wiring harness has plugs for two.

Yeah, I looked at those kits but as I remember, the headlight was an issue. I think I still had to find one with dual filaments or something...how did you get around that?

Nevada doesn't care about the headlight so I didn't have to do anything. I don't ride it at night so the single beam is okay with me.

The tusk kit does come with a switch to control dual beam headlights. A lot of people like to put aftermarket lighting on. Maybe you can locate a used S model fairing.

The tusk kit is a good option. You do have to add a headlight, but that allows you to get one that fits your needs, not just what is included in the kit. I have used this kit on both a DRZ400 and a KTM 300XCW.

Yeah, I looked at those kits but as I remember, the headlight was an issue. I think I still had to find one with dual filaments or something...how did you get around that?

Check the bulb. My 2004 E model already had a dual filament bulb in place, with ignition switched power to the high beam filament. All I had to do was relocate the power lead to the low-beam filament and add a switched power lead to the high beam.

I went further and made a LED high-beam indicator and then added an on-off switch to the ground wire of the headlight for those times when I might not want to burn it at all.

While you are working on your E model, pay attention to the factory harness for the headlight. It's light-duty crap and is installed in a way that can interfere with the steering stop. WHEN this happens, you will probably blow your main fuse and be dead in your tracks. Easy to relocate once you have a look and see what I am talking about.

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tupperware...THANKS! I'll look!

My Tusk kit stop light switch is real tight to the brake resevoir and seams like it will not bolt up nicely any one run into this ? Martin

You have to relocate the reservoir to use a hydraulic switch on the rear master.

+1 on the Tusk kit.

It was easy to install and I like having the option on which headlight to use. (my 2000E OEM light had a single filament bulb and connector)

In installed a horn relay under the seat using the power to the E Taillight to switch power to the Tusk harness, rather than installing the included On/Off switch. This way the key controls the relay.

The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Rocky Mountain has technical staff on hand to answer questions as well. Great value compared to Baja Designs kit.

I ordered the extra brake switch and did the mod on the reservoir and cover for the rear brake as outlined on Baja Designs website.

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When I dual sported my XR250 I used the Tusk kit with great results. I really liked the tail light honestly, cheaper and the same as the Baja Designs. However I ended up doing it completely different on this bike except that I used the same tail light. I built my own harness and ordered most parts from Ebay and have had good results. Right behind the head light there is a capacitor, because of this you are able to get a steady voltage. Though I believe there is a rectifier/rectifier on the left side of the bike above the foot peg on the frame. This makes things super easy. I threw some 18 ga wire in between the capacitor and headlight to run signals, headlight, horn and tail light. While I was not sure if this would work to begin with it seems to work great. Keeps everything right behind the light as well so it is fairly organized. Bought a real cheap switch with a metal housing and it is alright, could be a bit better where the horn is concerned but it passed inspection. As for the dual filament bulb, I'd be surprised if you don't have to walk the cop through the inspection process. Mine just walked up, signed the paperwork and left. I was in the house eating with the paperwork on the seat of the bike, he called me out to pay and hadn't even looked at the bike. Didn't care at all. Don't buy something real expensive when you can build it cheaper and learn more about it.

Making it steel legal will be the easy part. The hard part will be the DMV, you better check w/ the DMV, as I think your bike came w/ an off road title, so you ill need to find out if you can change that over to actually get a tag on your bike.

I would suggest you go the the DMV and see if it can be done, then what paper work you'll need to get a licensable title.

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