wr400/wr250 fitment

im wondering whether an 04 wr250f subframe [alum] will fit my 99 wr400 as i like the newer seat and lighter alum frame ,i have a line on a parts bike and need a quick reply from the collective as i searched and couldnt figure out if an 04 would fit ....

I think your best bet for an aluminum subframe would be from a YZ 426 up to an '02. In '03 the frames and plastic were all new and nothing interchanges. If you find an aluminum sub frame off of a YZ 426 you will either have to get rid of your radiator overflow or weld some tabs to allow you to bolt it up. Your choice. If I were you I would focus on the YZ seat and tank mod. You need a seat and tank off of a YZ up to an '02. It is a bolt on and was the hot ticket back in the day. I did this on my WR 426 and it was a great mod because you are able to slide up farther on the seat. I always thought about finding an aluminum subframe too, but I didn't think that the weight savings would make much of a difference so I gave up on it.

Here is a pic...


thanks. thats the setup i eventually want to do to mine with the larger tank as well .. i guess i wont buy the parts bike after all and save up for some motor work over the winter instead..any way,thanks for setting me straight .

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