Hyde 2 stroke frame/pipe Skid Plate

anyone using a Hyde Skid Plate & pipe protector combo setup?

I have used plain old carbon fiber guards, and smashed them and my pipe into the frame, not gonna bother with one of those again


I'm curious if they protect as good as they look like they should, or if I should DIY an aluminum skid/guard like this guy did


looks awesome with the spikes :busted:. i personnaly hate the way it looks but lots of guys here are running them, with no complaints.

The Hyde pieceis pretty softplastic and doesn't offer much protection against crash damage. It is ok for roost and small dent protection though.

That link you posted is the most elaborate pipe guard I have ever seen, I'd rather just send my pipes out for repair occasionally.

IMO it's cheaper and lighter to just leave pipes bare, bash, fix em, and replace them when needed. That things the price of a pipe and big hits will always bend pipes, even with guards. And thats the real killer, dents are easy to fix, bad bends not so much.

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