Looking for 17/14 wheels for 05 DRZ125L

I know, I'm going the wrong way but I need to reduce the height for my 12 year old.

Will an 06 KX85 set work? Also, will the drz drums from the rear mount to a disc hub?

OK - I have an 06 RM 85 front wheel that will work. Sticking with the rear drum is a different story.

Any one know if the older generation RMs (85ish, drum in back) would fit?

It's only an inch give or take difference in the wheel, can you reduce the sag enough to make up the difference? Perhaps a lower aspect ratio tire too?

Didn't think of aspect ratio. I have taken all of the preload out of the rear and the forks are already bottomed out at the handlebars. I do have a used KLX seat on its way that I will shave. I'm estimating that and the 17" front wheel should get me two full inches. That may be enough, but I was looking to have an inexpensive backup plan.

The bike is a free loaner, so I only want to do mods that can be easily undone.

I started searching on matching rear brake shoes, EBC 604. I'm thinking that the drum hub for these must be compatible for them to share the same shoes, no???

Suzuki GSX-R50 87 (rear)

Suzuki OR50 80 (front or rear)

Suzuki RM50 81 (front or rear)

Suzuki RM60 81-83 (front or rear)

Suzuki DS80 80-00 (front or rear)

Suzuki JR80 01-04 (front or rear)

Suzuki RM80 80-81 (front or rear)

Suzuki DR100 83-90 (front or rear)

Suzuki SP100 83 (rear)

Suzuki DR-Z 125 K3/K4/K5/K6/K7/K8/K9/L0 03-up (front or rear)

Suzuki DR-Z 125 LK3/LK4/LK5/LK6/LK7/LK8/LK9/LL0 03-up (rear)

Suzuki ATV LT-A 50 Quadsport 02-05 (rear)

Suzuki ATV LT-Z 50 Quadsport 02-09 (rear)

Suzuki ATV LT-Z 90 Quadsport 07-up (front*)

Kawasaki KLX125 A1/A2/A3/A6F 03-06 (front or rear)

Kawasaki KLX125 L B1/B2/B3/B6F 03-06 (rear)

Kawasaki ATV KSF50 03-05 (rear)

The backing plate has to match too. I use powersportspro.com to parts searches. Look up the part number for the backing plate on your bike. Then do a part number search and click "select model" which will give you a list with all the bikes that have the same backing plate.

You could try buying both the wheel and the backing plate - you might need to make spacers to center the wheel, but it's do-able in my opinion and it would be easy to revert to stock.

Shaving the seat is also a good option. We put my kid on a small wheel DRZ when he was 13 cause he's so short. By contrast, my 11 year old daughter fits her KLX125L with room to spare.

This is just thinking out loud, for the amount of money you might end up throwing at it, it wouldn't hurt to pull the shock pivot out of the bike and head to a machine shop to discuss having a pivot made with different angles. In stock form it's a wide "V" shape, almost a "W" in fact. If you made the V even more obtuse it should lower the bike more. I'm no machinist, but I'd think that would run about $100 - close to what you're looking at for a used wheel, backing plate, tube and tire.

Don't jump right in on that, talk to a machinist first.

change the length of the "dogbones" in the back. All that would be required is about 5 bucks worth of flat stock steel and a drill.

change the length of the "dogbones" in the back. All that would be required is about 5 bucks worth of flat stock steel and a drill. (I'm referring to the liinkage arms)

Gotta love smart phones...

That's what I would normally say, but I don't remember them when we did our suspension mods. Worked on too many bikes or starting to get old. Not sure which.

I do remember a big old hunk of aluminum in a "W" shape though.

Thanks guys - I'm definitely not afraid of fabbing up a new bracket for that lower mount. I have found 17/14 wheels that are now enroute, and a used seat to shave. I'm expecting to get 3" out of that combo which should be plenty. If I need more I will consider making a new mount, or putting my son on a medieval torture style rack.

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