WANTED. YZ250 Cylinder needing repair.

I'm going to do a 295 kit and I have a replated cylinder in my spares box.

So. You pay all shipping if Gore will accept the cylinder and we're done.

Im kinda lost your offering to trade your freshly replated cylinder for a trash one? Or whats going on here? I have quite a few 250 jugs but I dont think I have any trashed cylinders. You can try mine this winter. I had him build a mid high 110 with a ported piston for ice this winter. I dont think you will ever miss your stock bore.

How are you having him port it?

Or you can pay the extra 70 dollar like I did. I didn't notice my cylinder had been sleeved.

So I guess any year YZ250 jug will do it for you? :busted:

99^ Isnt it

I have an old one that needs some welding from my 2001. The bottom end went a few years back and I went with a new cylinder and crank.

Don't you need a head also?

I'm considering doing the 295 also to mitigate the reduced snap from the Rekluse.

It will be mid to top for me though as the extra cc will give plenty of bottom.

I need another head to do a squish test with though.

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