2003 crf 450 clacking noise

got a 2003 crf 450r and just did the valves on it plus a newer cam

i took it riding last weekend and it started kinda making like a clacking noise

this is my first 4 stroke so im not used to all the wierd noise that 4 strokes make but it kinda sounds like the timing chain is wacking against something? need some help!! and willl 2005 crf 250 plastics fit on my 03?

Either the tensioner is not adjusted properly or your chain is worn out

Depending on the hours , some people usually replace the cam chain when they do a top end or valves

And not sure on the plastics , the only way to be sure is to match them up with each other

if this is your first 450 check your main drive chain tension. on these Honda 450s they are pretty tight. 1.5inches of vertical travel from a halfway point between the two sprockets. also make sure your chain is lubed well. does the noise go away when riding it or is it also at idle? if the noise is not there at idle but is there when cruising and is gone under heavy throttle it is most likely the chain.

how do i adjust the tensioner and the noise is at idle and when i rev it i believe its hard to tell when i rev it up cause its so loud

the motor is just loud, it may be nothing. you can't adjust the stock auto tensioner. you could get yourself a manual tensioner and on that year wouldn't be a bad idea. just google it. APE and others sell them.

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