How much is this bike even worth?

Hi guys im new to these forums so sorry if i posted in the wrong section, but here is my problem. I have a 100R honda dirt bike. I bought it for 750$ 2 years ago and it stopped working. So i show it to my neighbor and he informs me that there is a hole in the piston. The engine is taken apart and pulled out of the bike, laying in my garage... He also tells me that the "head" is in bad shape. It has an after market muffler on it. How much can i get for a broken bike that needs a piston, a new "head" and possibly new valves, on top of that, isnt even put together? All responses are apprectiates, Thanks!

if this is an older xr100r (like 10 years or older) i would say like $200 at the most. if the engine is dissambled and needs new parts, potential buyers will not want to mess with it.

Part it out on Ebay is your best bet.

well if i lived in pennsylvania id give you a hundred bucks.

^part it out.

You might be able to get $200 as is or you can part it out, but that takes a while and some technical knowledge. I would put it on Craigslist $200 OBO and see what happens.

PM sent

This is an older bike, at least 10 years. And i dont know anything about bikes so i cant "part it up" if that clears anything up. I am also 15 so i dont have an account to make a paypal or such. I guess ill keep looking for an offer around the neighborhood or put it on craigslist. Thanks for the feedback so far!

Around here maybe 75 bucks

Here $200 would be good for a runner. Bad head, $80-100 parts bike. The head is the only part that is in demand anyway and your's is fried. Dump it on craiglist whole. Not worth the trouble to tear it down for ebay. There's tons of 75/80 parts on there and yours won't sell unless they're really cheap.

Where in PA are you? You can PM me if you want.

Check the VIN on the head tube (where the forks attach to the frame), or if it is an older model without VIN, it will at least have a serial number there); the VIN/serial plate will have date of manufacture on it. The engine serial number (stamped on a flat area on the main engine case, near the bottom on the left side close to the shifter) is also useful info.

Once we know the model year, we can figure out roughly what replacement parts to get it running again might cost. Also can give you a better idea of what might be a reasonable asking/selling price could be.

I'd also like to know where in PA you are.

I'd also like to know where in PA you are.

York County

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