Chain shaking??

So today I was cleaning my chain and I wanted to get the chain warm before I waxed it, so my friend said the best way to get it warm is to put it up on the stand and put in in gear and hold the throttle 1/2 open for atleast a minute, so i did that and while I was holding the throttle i heard my chain shaking and I looked at it and saw the chain was jumping alot and looked like it was going to fall off! It shouldnt be loose I just tightened it on sunday, and if anything my chain is to tight. Anyways I was wondering if there is a problem or if this is just me over reacting to something minor, but the way it was shaking didnt seem minor!

ur chains not gonna b banjo string tight so of course its gonna shake when the rear wheels off the ground. DONT EVER DO THIS! EVER!

no weight on it, thats why

Thanks for the replies, i almost ordered a new chain and new front and rear sprokets

Pretty clear that your friend doesn't know any more than you. Stop listening to him and find a friend who knows dirt bikes, then listen to him/her.

Don't warm up the chain before you lube it. This will cause the lube's carrier to evaporate before it has a chance to penetrate fully into the bushings.

Also, Chain Wax is a terrible lubricant. It was designed to be a corrosion-preventative first, and long-lasting lubrication is not one of it's properties.

the chain is to tight and should go to a bigger one like a 428. the 420 is to small for the power of the bike

the 420 is to small for the power of the bike

Honda engineers didn't think so.

Actually a few thing would cause your chain to woble , first put it back on the ground and ride it , if its still doing it , more then likely your chain adjusters are off , dont just go by the marks acually pull the chain tight with your hand

and line up the sprokets, ive got a 450 that had a 520 chain flying around side to side by my foot, made me very nervouse , even though the marks lined up. the wheel was crooked;;i found that when it was strait 95% of that side to side woble was gone. and will make a huge diff in how long everything will last.

And theres nothing wrong with riding around after you wash and clean a chain ,to warm it up to lube it again.

Honda engineers didnt say any thing about it. I said it i rode a 150rb for two years and went through 6 chains a year.

and if u have the bike on the stand its seems looser then it on the ground it has somthing to do with the spension

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