DRZ 250 mods

I want to do some simple mods to make my 250 a little faster. I have heard that you can poke holes in the air box. My dad said that this will make the bike more lean and that we should add a jet kit also. He said he found, somewhere on the internet, a jet kit that would work. Is this the way to go? I have also read something somewhere about cleaning out the extra metal in the exhaust pipe. I don't want to buy a whole new exhaust kit. I am only 18 and am trying to save money. Thanks

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My bike is a 2006 with the California 32mm CV carb. A 28 mm Mikuni pumper came on most 49 state bikes until early 2006. I did the following mods which made substantial power gains at minimum investment. The mod to the exhaust involves grinding the excess weld from the entrance to the headpipe caused by welding the flange to the pipe. I spent about 2 hours grinding to open it up. I increased the main jet two sizes and the pilot one size. I shimmed the needle with a .070" washer. I removed the intake snorkel and drilled (4) 1" holes in the top and right side of the airbox. I inserted 1" UNI filter plugs in the holes. Last mod was to replace the stock air filter with a UNI. These were very inexpensive mods and made a very responsive bike.

I have read about a yoshimura exhaust. I looked on their website and can't find anything that will fit my bike.

Yoshimura made a full system for the DRZ. I don't know if they still do. The greatest advantage was the headpipe which did not have the weld build up of the stocker. 2RRacing makes a spark arrestor end cap for the stock muffler for around $50.00,. The Yoshimura full system is $400.00 or so.

the full yoshi system helps

make sure you get the quite core as well as the pilot jet to go with main jet kit.

they are le from the factory.

you can also take a hole saw and core you stock end cap

check out the drz250 thread on advrider.com


CRF150R/RB FCR carb mod?

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