07kx250f popping on decel/hard start/fouling spark plug

I have a 2007 kx250f that was rebuilt about 20hrs. ago. I am having problems with it. When idling, if you give it a good bit of gas it bogs down. It also pops when revving. On the low end when easing up through the gears it cuts back pretty bad. I changed the spark plug and that seemed to help a little bit, but after riding for about an hour the plug was fouled out. I have attempted to adjust the fuel screw in some to get make it run more lean. To do this, I have to loosten the screws on both sides of the carb leading to the air boots and twist the carb out in order to reach the screw. When I do this and adjust the screw it seems to run better. However, when I turn the carb back in to its original position and tighten the screws, it will hardly run. I have cleaned the carb and there are no carb leaks. As far as I know, the pilot jet is stock. What could be causing it to run like this? I am thinking it's either the valves not adjusted right or the fuel screw not adjusted right. Could it also be the air filter? It's pretty dirty and greasy. I've been told that there is nothing wrong with the bike and to get a hotter plug. What can I do to get my bike running better? Any help from anyone would be great. Thanks.

Also, the bike runs perfect with the choke on, but bad when the choke is off.

Your bike most likely just needs a good carburetor cleaning.

It´s running lean bacuse not enough gasoline flows through it. That is also why it runs better with the choke on, it gets more gas. When you turn the fuel screw in (clockwise) it gets even less fuel, go out instead.

Cleaning the carb is not the hardest thing in the world to do, but if it´s your first time, I would suggest getting help from a friend who has done it (successfully) before.

If it has the original pilot jet, replace it with a #42.

And clean the air filter too!

Ok. But if it was running too lean would the spark plug the fouling out and be black?

Ok. But if it was running too lean would the spark plug the fouling out and be black?

No, but the dirty air filter would. Maybe by loosening the carb boot screws you are letting some air in.

That bike needs some TLC...

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