Another cracked tank!!!!

My 2000 426 tank cracked just above the right shroud mount. It is about a one and 1/2 inch crack. No crashes, no overtighting bolt, has been stored for over a month with no fuel and cap off. Filled it up today and cranked gas poured out all down tank onto headpipe and engine. I pulled up old post and see F-Piolt and oldmxer got thiers replaced from Yamaha, others not so lucky. I'm looking for suggestions on how to best approach my dealer.


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Fox, I was able to get Yamaha to replace mine, tank only no graphics.

My tank cracked at the bottom rear due to flexing when I'm up on the tank.

The service mgr at the dealer was a long time riding buddy but he said they had done about 10 '00 YZ tanks!

Yamaha has to be aware of this problem.

He said they had made the '00 tanks thinner but were trying to blame the problem on oxygenated fuels and also on anyone racing the bikes.

Imagine anyone buying a 426 to race? :)

They replaced mine about 4 months after I bought it. I'm sure my buddy had alot to do with getting it warrentied and I wish he still worked there so I could get the rest of you some help or more info.

Good Luck!

This is bull man mine did the same thing same place I had someone give me a link and there are like 20 others with the same crack I called Yamaha the big office FRIDAY and they said technicians would call me back IF ANYONE ELSE SEES THIS CALL EM UP AND LET EM KNOW I WOULD LIKE TO BE PAID BACK FOR THE TANK I JUST SHELLED 300 BUCKS My dEALER SAID IF THE BIG DOGS SAY I SHOULD BE REAMBURSED ALL I HAVE TO DO IS BRING MY OLD TANK DOWN AND BINGO MONEY IN POCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH YEA PAN F'n TERA WHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Theres a good idea! Everyone who has had a tank crack should call in and report it!

Post the # Sully and whe will make sure they know about all of the cracked tanks warrantied or not.

Has anyone had any non '00 model tanks crack. My '98 cracked in the same spot but after 2yrs of use/abuse.

When my '00 tank was replaced they sent a '99 tank, there is a code date stamped on the tank. I was told the '98 and '99 tanks are thicker walled.

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Talked to dealer today who called Yamaha Tech support, too far out of warranty to replace. I called the service rep at Yamaha, after a twenty five minute conversation... guess what , to far out of warranty. My arguement was forget about the warranty Yamaha knows they made the newer tanks to thin trying to shave weight. I cited all the tanks that have had to be replaced and that they should acknowledge the flaw. Bottom line $200. to replace and what happens if this one cracks? The $200. won't break me, although I don't like paying for something broke through no fault of my own, it would'nt have broke Yamaha either. But thier backing of thier product has suffered greatly in my book. By the way although mine was bought new in March of 2000 I have less than 100 hours on it. Always garaged,gas drained when sitting,no crash damage or overtightened bolts. Next bike won't be a Yamaha. I'm still sweating the dreaded 3rd gear, clutch explosion.


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I just picked up my new tank yesterday from my dealership. I too had a crack appear just below (about 1&1/2")the rubber fastener mount. I was about 2 months out of warrenty but they replaced it for free including the fastener that was never present on my bike when I purchased it new. But no new graphics this kind of annoys me, as I can see no way I am responsible for this obvious design flaw. I want graphics!!! Find that # and I will call!!


You know something guys, Yamaha has been screwing people for too long now with cr@p like this. I suggest we come up with a petition list of all of those people that have had cranked tanks and hand it off to a lawyer that is willing to go to bat for all of the Yamaha owners out there. This isn't shottie plastic that we're talking about, it's a serious design flaw that could result in serious injury when gasoline hits a hot header pipe. There are far too many incidences here to say it's just a matter acceptable percentages due to a large production run. If Yamaha produced 5000 units, acceptable errors are around 50 units. Who wants to guess how many tank cracks they've seen on this site? And that's only on this site...... If Yamaha sets a precendent in replacing just one of the cracked tanks, then they should do it for everyone that experiences this problem. In fact, this should have been a recall situation due to the sheer numbers that are having this problem. I dealt with a failed fourth gear in my 00 426 last year and knew of many others that were having similar failures. Yamaha looked the other way, just as they do with every problem I've seen here on this site.

Sorry for the riff for those that feel I'm off base. But for those that can completely sympathize, something needs to be done.

When they replaced my 00 tank it was with a 99 tank as well.


Too bad Fox but if you have to buy one ask for a '98 or '99 model. Maybe they fixed the '01 models too.

Dave, I agree 100% with you. I doubt my next bike will be a Yamaha just from the problems I've seen on this board that they will not fix.

My tank cracked during a moto at Sunrise and only smelling the fumes in a slow corner saved me from becoming a fireball!

I created a new post with the Yamaha service rep number. Let's get the calls going.By the way on a different note a piece of good news I explained my problem to Zing graphics, as my less than month old graphics ate it from the leaking fuel, they worked with me on a deal for the tank graphic replacement. I"ll just say I was very pleased and will continue to be a loyal customer.


The world loves talent but, pays off on character.


You can peel the old tank graphics off and apply them to the new tank. It worked surprisingly well.


Fly High!

fox, mine cracked in the EXACT same spot under the EXACT same conditions. the bike had 22 hours on it. i am still fighting the battle. if the dealer that is trying to help me now (non-dirtbike riding or owning service manager at the first one said it was impact damage.) can't get any action, i have a last ditch effort in mind. i am going to box it up and send it to terry beal with copies of all these threads and the pictures of my shiny and well cared for but defective yamaha product. for those that don't know, terry beal is yamaha's top marketing exec in the u.s.

if you would like to do the same, the address is:

yamaha usa

6555 katella ave.

cypress, ca 90630

good luck!


will pattison

racer, engineer

hi guys! what a beautiful day for a ride! I have a 98 wr and I had a problem with the tank. a large crack most of the way around the cap. local dealer gave me a hard time, and I'd like to call yamaha an complain. thanks everyone, please fill me in on the details.

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