250 preventive maintenance q's

Hello I have a 2006 yz250f i plan to piddle with this winter,(adjust the valves, new cam chain ,new plastics/graphics new tires) I'm going to go threw the carb and clean and replace jets to freshen it up, and hope fully get the correct leak jet to cure my minimal bog, I hear guys going with a 2008 needle what is the advantage to this, Also I'm replacing my zipty fuel screw with a merge racing or the jd jetting brass screw. I was lucky enough to find the tip hadn't broke off in the carb, but i did notice it wasn't machined as well as my oem brass screw go figure. I'm going to be purchasing some parts in the next few days and want input to know what the advantage to a 2008 needle is, And if the merge racing and JD screws are a quality product or do you prefer one or the other?. Thanks

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I run a '09 needle. The taper of the needle is what is special. On the fuel screw, I'm running a R&D flex screw. It's nice to not have to reach under the carb to adjust it. Heck, I can adjust it while sitting on the bike.

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