Yz250f transmission

Hey guys I'm in the process of putting my bottom end back together and I'm having trouble getting the gears, shift forks and shift cam back in. I'm aware that it all has to go in together which I think I've done but the shift cam isn't spinning like the manual shows, it feels stuck, any tips? Thanks guys

sometimes it helps to oil everything up,and spin the tranny shafts while you shift it through the gears.you might need a buddy to help you,and be sure you have all 5 gears and then put it in neutral and finish the shift mechanism assy.its really pretty easy,but i have done hundreds off these motors,as well as every other brand.just take your time and im sure you will figure it out.peace and wheelies

Sounds like you have not closed up your cases yet, since that is likely the case, the tranny won't move well because nothing is held square, it's all just sitting in one side, so when you try to shift it through the gears, the whole thing tries to move apart instead of spin on it's axis'.

Once you drop your second case half on it holds it all square and shifts easier but it'll shift best once you orient the motor right side up like it's supposed to be.

I generally don't test my tranny shifts until I've got the case halves together, I tend to trust my work enough to wait til that point.

Also, make sure that the tabs on the forks are in the slots on the shift drum. If they are in place and the fork prongs are where they are supposed to be and it didn't go in all jammed up then you are likely ok.

Yeah the case is still apart and I've got all the transmission together sitting where it's suppose to be according to the manual but I was just concerned something's wrong because the cam bit (the thing that the fork prongs sit in) isn't moving, so is that normal?

Also how do I test it?

Leave the crank out and put the case half's together, and install the shift star on the end of the drum, that way you can spin the counter shaft and spin the drum through the gears. If every thing checks out, pull the cases apart and begin final assembly.

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