Any reason I can't annodize stock rims?

Since its winter, I was considering busting my wheels down and having them annodized. Figure it's cheaper than buying another set. And maybe a fun winter project.

Anyone done this? Any reason I shouldn't do this?

Hmmm, I did not know you could anodize over anodizing. Good to know.

Yep, all you have to do is strip the old anodizing via a chemical process and re-anodize.

I havent used them yet but I've had a few email conversations with TCR regarding a restoration I'm in the middle of. They take your old rims, remove the original anno, polish then re-anno to the color you choose for $150 IIRC. You can get a set of Warp 9's off Ebay for $180, an Excel rim is usually $100 ea.

I have a set of black Warp9 rims..... Will they lace up to the stock hub/spokes without issue?

Maybe I just do that

As long as number of spokes is the same you should be fine. I laced up YZ450 rims to my 2000 KX250 hubs.

The local "Honda Stealership" told me there no way that would work as the 450 had some Heavy duty nipples that the Warp9's can't accommodate.

BTW, I trust the dealer about as far as I can throw 'em. And I'd love to try and throw a couple of those guys!

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