California green & red sticker rules

Its been a while since Ive done much trail riding at any OHV riding areas, been riding exclusively MX. Can some refresh my memory of how the California green & red sticker rules work. What are the seasons ok for red sticker bikes in the OHV areas?

Also any other rules for red sticker bikes OTHER than spark arrester? I have a CRF 450R and will be installing a end cap style spark arrester. Do I need anything else?

Planning trip to Gorman / Hungary valley with the kids, I remember they were really on there game there about checking every bike that went threw the gates.


2007 was the last time CARB updated the red sticker seasons. You should be good to go with the end cap sparky for Gorman.

You may ride a red sticker in state parks from Oct 1 to May 30th. All year, all bikes will need a spark arrestor. Some parks require a db restriction. You may ride red sticker bikes in some National Forest lands all year round.

Thanks Guys

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