Double leading shoe brake for '78 yz250

I would like to mount a double leading shoe front brake,a la '82 yz490, to my '79 yz400.It has a '78 yz250 front end and wheelDoes anyone have experience putting such a brake on the 1978 yz250? I may have access to an 80 yz425 brake. would that fit?

Btw, will an 82 throttle assembly work on the 79 400?

I can give you a definite maybe. Look at the parts lists for the donor and recipient bikes in the Yamaha website. If they share the same axle, lower fork tubes, etc, it will work.

Keep in mind that DLS brakes have almost (note I said almost) no braking the opposite way, such as keeping yourself from rolling backwards as the shoes cam themselves into the drum going forward, and away rearward. That's why they were popular for street bikes and saw limited use on off road stuff. MX bikes seldom need the ability to hold themselves in place on a very steep uphill, but trail/woods/desert riders may.

Unless you are committed to drum brakes, I'd get a front end off of a newer model complete with disc and use that. If you need to know what entire front end fits, compare steering head bearings.

I had one of those YZ400F 2 strokes, and wish I had never sold it. After I sorted the squish and corrected the jetting, it was most likely the best running open class two stroke I've ever owned. I used it as a desert/woods bike, and it really did the job.

I would suspect that the IT425 brake would work, and I can see no reason why the throttles wouldn't fit. They are fairly universal.

i have a 78 yz 250 and 400 i put a 81 yz 465 front end on it. to be ahrma legal. many tricks to the yz's i put a 84 yz 125 tirple clamps on the front end of both bikes and 81 465 forks on them also. doulbe leading break shoes are tricky to find especially the 81's thats the hot mod right now.


Thanks for the info. I have to stay with drums to be legal in my racing (Florida Trail Riders).

Yes, I love mine. too. :busted:


Also thanks, and wish me luck. The front brake now isn't much, and the rear is a light switch!

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