Using Excel rims from Yamaha WR on my KTM EXC

I have xtra Excel rims from my Yamaha WR 450 2005. - Well, actually they are from a 1992 Yamaha YZ, but I modified them to fit the WR.

I noticed that KTM also uses Excel rims. Any chance they will fit?

You mean rims or complete wheels? KTM's have 36 spokes so if it has the same it should fit. I have no idea about the hubs, but I do know it does not fit without modifications.

I mean complete wheels. I'm happy to do "some modifications". - when fitting the YZ wheel under the WR, I had to heavily customise the axle.

good thing you meant wheels. Japanese spoke patterns are different from European rims. Found that out the expensive way.

They fits nice. Haveing a old (pre 1998 something) yammie wheel on my 2012 250excf. Actually yamaha and ktm uses the same bolt pattern on the disc ( use a ktm disc for right diameter) . Make new spacers and a 1mm thick washer between the brakedisc and hub at each bolt.

The use same boltpattern on the sprocket also but the inner dia is not the same.

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