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04 yz 450f suspension service

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Ok I have done some searching around and really haven't found the answer I am looking for so please dont bite my head off for asking a stupid question. I have a 04 yz450 I love it runs great but I have no idea the last time the forks were serviced or the rear shock. I am not a professional rider by any means so i dont need to re-valve or anything crazy I just want to know what is involved with servicing of the suspension. I have no leaks and no indicators that I have any damaged parts I would just like to replace the oil and that's about it. Is this a hard job and what tools would be needed. Also wanted to know if there is anywhere on this forum I could download the service manual for my bike. One more question if the oil is old will it make a huge difference in the ride of the bike. Thanxs for any input guys I will be home from Iraq in three weeks and I am so pumped to ride again.....Glamis time

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Thank you for serving! :busted:

There are different level of servicing in my opinion.

There is the ole dump and flush methods, which I don't recommend because your not cleaning the components and will contaminate the new oil.

You should notice a difference when you have fresh oil.

Then you can take the whole fork apart. Remove the base valve and clean the tubes. I guess it all depends on what you feel like doing. If you service it often and keep fresh fluids in there the ole dump and flush method might be okay. If you have not taken the thing apart in years then you should clean everything up.:busted:


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