Husqvarna's Antoine Meo signs with KTM for 2012

Well this is something we all saw comin, but it looks like Husqvarna's Antoine Meo signed with Fabio Farioli's KTM WEC team for 2012.

Below is a link to the World Enduro Championship News page with all the other team news as of today.

The off-season has now been underway for almost a month. Most drivers have ended up negotiating their contract with their respective teams. The famous "waltz" of transfers is actually launched!

KTM Factory team

In terms of the team managed by Fabio FARIOLI, everything seems to be definitive for next season. On the arrivals side, the Austrian team records the French doublets Antoine MEO (2011 Husqvarna team member) - Christophe NAMBOTIN. While the former Gas Gas rider will be the second rider with David KNIGHT (GB) in Enduro 3, the class of Antoine MEO always seems to be determined with an advantage to the Enduro 1. The third French of the team, Johnny AUBERT (F), has renewed his contract for two years and will ride in E2 on the KTM 450cc while Eero REMES (SF) and Cristobal GUERRERO (E) still have a year of contract and will not change category. The support team will keep Jonathan MANZI (I) and is expected to host Victor GUERRERO (E) in EJ. What about Marion ROMAN (E)?

The saga OLDRATI

The only question left open in KTM is the future of Thomas OLDRATI (I). Indeed, the official KTM is (was?) in close contact with TM and HM Honda; it would have even tested the latest TM model. After a difficult season, the Bergamasco please again and always seems to be one of the most attractive Italian riders. But Fabio FARIOLI doesn’t want to let him go and he would place him in the team support. There is no doubt that Thomas OLDRATI saga is not about to end...

HM Honda

Apart from the possible arrival of Thomas OLDRATI, the team managed by Franco MAYR record signing for next season Simone ALBERGONI (2011 Husqvarna team member) (I) which evolve in Enduro 1 class alongside Rodrig THAIN (F). The future of Mika AHOLA (SF) in the HM Honda team is still pending. The five-time world champion still has not signed with the team that helped him to win his five world crowns. But if the Finn stays in HM Honda, he should go down in Enduro 2. The support team would be retained but the riders need to be determined.

3rd team in 3 years for Simone ALBERGONI (I) who joins HM Honda

Gas Gas

With the departure of Christophe NAMBOTIN to KTM, the Spanish company was looking for a Frenchman who can represent their colors in Enduro 3. And it's already done with the signing of Sebastien GUILLAUME (2011 Husqvarna Rider) (F), the French, is back “at home” after few nice years with Husqvarna. In addition to the extension of contract Ludivine PUY (F)Enduro Woman which still remains to be confirmed, Gas Gas acquires the second best woman rider of the world with Laïa SANZ (E). The Catalan company is therefore likely to turn in order to win the title of World Champion Woman. Jordi FIGUERAS (E) piles up again in E3 and Ivan CERVANTES (E), which will run on the 450cc 4T Gas Gas with a Yamaha Motor, will aim for a Enduro 2 title.

Husqvarna CH Racing

For next season, the HVA team keeps Juha SALMINEN (SF) which will evolve in Enduro 2 with Alex SALVINI (I). Matti SEISTOLA (SF) will always be there and will be a major pretender for the title in Enduro 1. To overcome the departure of Antoine MEO to KTM, Fabrizio AZZALIN has signed Lorenzo SANTOLINO (2011 KTM team rider) (E). The former junior world champion will ride also in an Enduro 1. A fifth would be in the AZZALIN small papers, but his identity remains unknown at present. The Team CH Racing and Husqvarna abandoning the Enduro 3 class next season. But HVA should also set up a team support in 2012 which could be Roni NIKANDER (SF) and Romain DUMONTIER (E - E1) and others...

Also reported as possibly signing with Husqvarna CH Racing is American WORCS rider Ricky Dietrich who roade for both Kawaski and Yamaha in the United States in 2011.

Beta Boano

The Italian team will keep the promise Deny PHILIPPAERTS (I) in Enduro 2 and could record the return of Mirko GRITTI (I) well-known in the EWC paddocks and the arrival of the young Italian Davide SORECA (16 years old) who will evolve on a Yamaha 125cc as part of the FIM Youth Cup.

David SORECA (I) the new draftee of Boano


"We take the same and start again" must be one of the major expressions of Team Sherco. Indeed, the French team based in Nîmes keeps Fabien PLANET (F) probably in E1 and Jordan CURVALLE (F) responsible for developing the new 450cc...

The series JOLY

The 2011 Junior World Champion still doesn’t know his future destination. It seems that HM Honda no longer needs his services. But the French still attracts many teams. Gas Gas and Yamaha France would be in line to enlist the neo-champion. But the best offer seems to come from TM who intends to have a major pilot in Enduro 1 to become stronger on the world stage...


The Italian firm is in close contact with Jeremy JOLY, after trying to enlist Thomas OLDRATI. Latvian Aigar LEOK will always wear the colors of the firm from Pesaro next season in Enduro 3 and the team managed by Luca CHERUBINI also records the arrival of Nicolas MORI (I) in Enduro Junior.


Nicolas DEPARROIS (E - E1) and Julien GAUTHIER (E - E2) form the tandem 100% French of Team Moto Pulsion managed by Fred COLIGNON.


The team Beta Factory managed by Fabrizio DINI wants to play in the foreground of the Enduro 3 with Marko TARKKALA (SF) and should always count on Oscar BALLETTI (I) for next season in Enduro 2 ... The commitment of a Junior rider is still in the study but Jonas CARLSSON (S) is left free…


The paddocks of the EWC should also record the arrival of at least three new teams! Jotagas, who released his new motorcycle Enduro developed by Miki ARPA seems determined to participate in the MAXXIS FIM Enduro World Championship and would be in contact with Mario ROMAN (E) ... We should also witness the return of Iron Team with KTM bikes. It said that Fabio MOSSINI (I) and Andrea BELLOTTI (I) have already signed, pending the possible signing of Giacomo REDONDI (I) whom Fabrizio AZZALIN did not renew his confidence. It is rumored also that Alessandro BELOMETTI (I) is looking to create a team also with KTM for 2012...

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Too bad. He's done some great things for Husky and is a fine rider.

I doubt it will happen, but it would be hilarious if he doesn't win the championship next year and someone on a Husky did. But let's face it, it's 90% rider, 10% bike.

I'm a big Meo fan, but I think the two mew riders are going to be greater than the loss of Meo.

Because he's going to need it.

From HVA, I think only Juha could be a real contender in E2, vs Lupo (nickname of Ahola), Tonio (nickname of Meo) and Ivan. Ktm could win all class, after have no title this year.

Husaberg has also a very good french rider, if no more Efi issues !!

Weak, Meo. Weak.

I think Husqvarna is going to do quite well in both E1 and E2 in 2012.

Alex Salvini was showing simular speed as that of Meo at the end of the 2011 WEC season also the signing of the young spanard Lorenzo Santolino is another big signing for Husvarna... Throw in Finns Juha SALMINEN and Matti SEISTOLA right there they have E1 and E2 coverd

There's also the wild card of Ricky Dietrich.

I don't know, but I think Husqvana is positioned pretty well and KTM is going to have their work cut out.

There's also the wild card of Ricky Dietrich.


I'd love to see them throw Deitrich into an MX2 race to show Lupino how it's done.

I'd love to see them throw Deitrich into an MX2 race to show Lupino how it's done.

I wouldn't be surprised if you see that happen as well.

I think you're also going to see Deitrich run a couple of American GNCCs as well as one or two National Enduros with the FAR Husqvarna team as part of the deal.



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