Help with an 05....

I may be a little long winded here but bear with....

I have an 05 crf450r that sat for close to 9 months. Before sitting it ran fine. I was stupid and let it sit with gas in the tank and carb. Went to start it up a month back and it wouldn't go. Dumped all the old fuel in the tank and carb and put fresh in it and it fired up with the choke on. Bike would only run with the choke on. The moment I pushed the choke in the bike would idle down and die.

Last week I pulled the carb and took it in to have it ultrasonic cleaned and then pulled apart and everything cleaned out. Put the carb back in and with fresh 91 octane fuel it fired up on the second kick with the choke on. After it warmed up with the choke on the idle rpm was around 2200. I push the choke in and once again it would idle down and die.

So today I put a new plug in it and checked the gap and put everything back together and pulled the choke out and again it will start on the second kick and again it died once I pushed the choke in. So I pulled the choke and kicked it over and this time turned up the idle screw and then pushed the choke in. The bike stayed running. I adjusted the idle screw so it idled at about 1800 and then gave it a quick twist of the throttle and the bike rev'd up and idled back down to about 4k and wouldn't go any lower. So I adjusted the idle screw to bring it down to about 1800 again. Problem is when I turn it off and go to start it with the idle screw set this point it won't stay running once I push the choke in. I have to again turn the idle screw up and when I push the choke in it will idle at 1800 but once I get on the throttle it won't idle back down to that 1800. So I'm chasing my tail on this one. I checked the freeplay in the throttle and it seems like the butterfly is closing all the way when the throttle is released. The cables seem to drag a bit so I'll need to lube them up but even when the throttle have come back to rest the bike still idles high.

So any thoughts? The air filter is brand new and pre oiled. The fuel is fresh. I havn't changed out the exhaust the engine is stock. Checked the valves and they are within spec. Fuel flows freely when the valve is in the on position. Lay the bike over on the left side and it drains out the vent tube proper.

the pilot jet is still clogged more than likely, just having it ultrasonically cleaned didn't clear the passages out of there. need to get it out and verify by looking down the middle it is clean. while at it, be sure your accl pump squirts. That tiny hole plugs too

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