Ece vfxw or Dot/snell vfxw

This link made me wonder what the safety differences would be between the ece versions and the dot's. If ece 22.05 and snell 2010 are essentially the same why the huge difference in weights? Oh, and also wondering where's the best place to order an ece vfxw?

Because they are not the same! The Snell standard is much better IMO than ECE for the simple reason ECE does not test the integrity of the entire shell. They dont do a drop test on the jaw of the helmet and they only do each test once. Snell does most of their tests twice because it is possible to have a near catastrophic impact and then bounce off the ground and hit in the exact same place and "finish the job" Most ECE only helmets will not even pass DOT let alone Snell. If your in Stateside just get the Snell model. I think you will be safer in the long run.

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