Proof of Ownership in NJ

Hey guys, this summer I picked up a pretty beat up 2001 cr250. I've decided to make this bike my "keeper" since I like that last one I had....before I traded it:bonk:

When I purchaced the bike, all that came with it was a Bill of sale from the sell, which I know doesnt mean much. Before I dump a bunch of money into this thing and rebuild it the way I'd like, I wanted to get some proof of ownership.

The procedure to do all of this seems like a pain in the butt, I was wondering if anyone has done it, and if so how well did it work out?

I'm pretty sure this is the form.

Nope, sounds about right. The question is, is the bike worth the trouble compared with unloading it and getting a bike from someone who either has the original MSO or a valid title in 'someones' name.

You will be required to pay sales tax when you get a title in your own name. Being a title in the owners name is not a 'must have' for an off road bike, people cheat the Gment and never pay the tax or covert the MSO. Until one day, there is a snafu like this. Every bike comes with a MSO, it is a federal law.

Unless I plan to never ride a bike, as soon as I get it, I get the title in my own name. I also insist on any buyer to convert the title immediatley as it reduces liability exposure if someone gets hurt on my ex-bike. I have legal proof I did not own it at the time.

I've thought about getting another bike, but I got this one for a great price bc it had a broken case. If I compare what another bike would cost me (1300-1700) for what I would have into mine (with a ton of new parts and upgrades) I would be better off just rebuilding mine. Plus if I have all this money and time into it, whats another $100 in fees and taxes to have proof its mine.

First, do a VIN search. Keep in mind the value of your time and frustration. Handing out titles is not what the state wants to do.

All you need to do is file and find out there is a lien on the bike and who ever has the lien is notified and can come get it. For a $1,000 or $2,000 bike, it simply is a huge can of worms.

You could also be the exception and find it is almost painless. Do you feel lucky? Well do you? :busted:

Do you feel lucky? Well do you? :busted:

LOL I don't feel lucky, bc with my luck i'll be stopped by the cops one day, they will run the vin, and i'll be screwed. This way I find out before I put more money into it.

My brother is a cop in another state, he ran the vin and nothing came up. Thats good, but that just means it wasn't reported stolen.

Thanks for the advice. Anyone else try this?

I'll update this with how it goes, for any future searches....

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