02 WR250F vs 07 YZ250F

So I just got this 02 going and was playing with it out on some trails over the weekend. Was actually surprised how much I was really enjoying how good this old heavier bike was feeling. I need to replace a seal so I don't even think the forks are healthy at the moment. Compaired to my 07 that I just recently went through and know is healthy. I'm not sure what exactly what was done to the 07, but the guy I got it from said the suspention had been setup for trails. I have lowered the 07 a bit, and it did make it easier to turn, but I really did feel more comfortable on the 02. I think it might just be because the 02 is lower, but would like some other thoughts. Maily it just seems to be alot easier to turn and manuver it though the tight turns.

What is your question as I'm a bit unclear.

Basically what would make an old WR easier to ride then the newer 07 YZ. I think it is probably mostly ride height, I want to lower the front end a bit more, but don't think I have much more that it can be lowered. I haven't measured, but maybe the bars are a bit shorter or something? It may even be that with not as much power, and not so responsive, its easier to control? I was just surprised how much I was enjoying this older bike, that is pretty much just a spare for friends to ride.

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