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Washington NOVA funds at risk again

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The legislature is looking at stealing our NOVA funds again.

If they hold a special session this month, your offroad vehicle funds will be at risk.

It is time to contact your State Senator and both House of Representatives members.

If you don’t know who they are, go to www.leg.wa.gov

Here is an example message:


Dear xxx,

Please DO NOT redistribute funds intended for the Non Highway and Offroad Vehicle Activities account AGAIN!

In 2009 the legislature took all of these funds and gave them to State Parks where none of those funds benefited offroad vehicle recreation in any way.

This account was created when offroad vehicle users volunteered to waive their legal right to a fuel tax refund in exchange for a self-directed state account to provide funding for programs that benefited offroad vehicle activities.

These same citizens volunteered to have their license tab fees increased so long as those monies were also placed in the Non Highway and Offroad Vehicle Activities (NOVA) account.

To redirect the funding away from the NOVA account again would be nothing short of stealing from the very same citizens that willingly gave the state their hard earned money.

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