YZ 250 woods ripping!!!

Here is a little video of one of the kids who races for the dealership i race for. I am a Moto guy, who hates riding in the woods, so seems to me like he is killing it through these tight trails....what do you guys think??

I would say killing it. Nice single track stuff

real quick. good riding for sure

definately moving....

Yeah, he's rippin for sure. Looks like he's pretty familiar with them there woods.

He looks like he has lots of woods expierence...nice riding.

definitely a balsy rider.. i get nervous jus watching him through the tight stuff.. At least he has bark busters lol


Is he a Robot? How come his head never moves?

Just curious....


The GoPro when mounted on the helmet makes it seem like your head never moves. It is the most stable part of your body. That is why Helmet cams are so popular.

Very fast for sure.

I liked the end when he cliped the tree , makes him look human : )

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