clutch noise

Hi all

I am getting a vibration from the clutch.

When i pull in the clutch lever the noise goes, the only thing i spotted is that there is a lot of rotation in the clutch basket. And moves quite easy could this be the problem?

The vibration is quite bad when driving the bike. When im sitting on the bike on idle you can feel the vibration through the seat. soon as i pull the clutch in all noises and vibration goes.:busted:

Done the locktite fixes?

how many miles have you done ?

no i never did the loctite fix.

What are the main areas that need this fix?

no idea what the miles are, the bike's been doing this since i got it.

i would not ride it anymore if it as bad as what you say

Did the loctite fix and it helped a little but you can still feel the vibration through the right foot peg when riding the bike.

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Just had alook through the fix guide. In the clutch there is a shudder spring is this in one part or two?

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