2002 RM250 The Good and The Bad

I have a 2000 RM125 right now but I have been looking for a RM250. I came across a good deal on a 2002 RM250 and was wondering what the good and bad of this year are. I have heard alot of talk about how good the 04-06 models are but wanted to know how this year compares thanks for any info.

Put on center stand.......and test linkage for bad bearings.

Rotate tires for bad wheel bearings.

Check chain adjusters...make sure not seized in swingarm.

I would lay bike over and take off clutch cover and check for "grooved" clutch basket.

Ergos....are the same as a 2008.

Suspension technology is slightly dated but BFD.

Power valve is not the same as the 2008 model....but BFD.

good luck.

I have an 02 and love it! More power than I need. Make sure to set it up for you're riding style/ability. One side note... the intake bridge on the cylinders are known to have a problem with cracking, thin design. I haven't had a problem with mine though. It can be welded to strengthen/repair if cracked.

i have an 02 and its the best bike ive owned soo far havent had any problems with it at all other than i tacoed my rear rim theyve got great top end power also.

thanks alot for all the info. I will let you guys know if i get it.

A 2005 RM250 popped up on craigslist today and is now sitting in my garage :busted: I will post pics soon thanks again for the info!

Nice score !!!

What was the drive-out ??? $$$$

Nice score !!!

What was the drive-out ??? $$$$

not sure what you mean

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