D606 or XCMH?

I know there's a million "which tire should I buy" threads. I've read them all! But seriously. I've been running a D606 which I like and it has worn well, but I'm thinking about trying the XCMH on the rear. Seems to have quite a following and is about the same price as the 606.

My questions are: How well will it do in sloppy Ohio mud/slippery clay? How well does it track on gravel and large railroad ballast? How will wear compare to the 606? Should I expect the same performance on the street? I find the 606 works well on the street except for locking up easily but I'll give it that. I got about 7,000 miles out of my 606 and the XCMH is supposedly a hard compound tire so I will assume I'll get about the same number of miles out of it. I ride about 70% street.

The XCMH will work better for all types of off-road, the softer it is the better it will be over the 606, not sure about a gravel road where it's basically marbles on hardpack.

The 606 will last much longer.


I got about 7,000 miles out of my 606 and the XCMH is supposedly a hard compound tire so I will assume I'll get about the same number of miles out of it. I ride about 70% street.

What kind of bike are you getting 7,000 miles from a D606 on?

I run a rear one on my TE610 and get 2,000-1,500 miles 90% dirt but very easy on the throttle.

We recommend them on Mex2Can.com as the best tire to go 1,500 miles on even though they are far from the best traction. Riders who use softer tires have to put on a new one at 1/2 way.

My rim may be to narrow but I find that the D606 gets better and better as it wears out. I can't stand a new one.

I'm on a 94 XR 250 L. Maybe 7000 is inaccurate, it's more like 5,000.

I am lucky to get 2000 miles out of a 606 on my wr250r, and after the tread is half worn the traction goes way down in the woods. that 2k is 75% dirt, 15% gravel, 10% pavement.

I switched to a pirelli MT43 and couldnt be happier! It works awesome in WV and our riding is about the same as OH. 6-7psi on the trail, 12psi on the road.

I have had both, the XCMH wears down quicker but had great traction on single track. My rear lasted about 1,200 miles including a long 1,000 mile trip with 25% slab.

7000 miles ?? I can almost guarantee you won't get that out of the XCMH unless

you're riding on strictly grass or loam. The XCMH will be a better off-road tire, the 606

will last a little longer and probably be better on pavement.

... I ride about 70% street.

The Pirelli XCMH is a DOT legal dirt tire. I have an XCMH on my 2nd set of dual sport wheels now. Its not something I think about using for the street, although if I get pulled into doing a street oriented dual sport run with a few friends, the XCMH does okay on the road until we find the next trail. The D606 is pretty darn smooth on the road with the knobs closer together, but not so great in mud. The Dunlop D606 packs up pretty easy and just spins in mud and really bad in soft clay and can be scary - does not clear out as well as the XCMH. I also like the fact that the XCMH is not as tall (shorter diameter) as compared to a D606 in the rear. The XCMH rear wears faster than a D606 for sure. However, the front XCMH wears really well, almost too well. Some guys like to run D606 rear with XCMH front too. I've been trying to wear down my front XCMH just so I could go try a set of the new Kenda K772 Parkers on front and rear, but that darn front XCMH just keeps hanging in there.

If you were more of a 60% dirt and 40% street rider I'd say try the XCMH, but you wrote "70% street". Sounds like D606 is the better tire for you IMO.

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