1991 suzuki dr650s or 1985 honda xl600r?

Im new to dual bikes. I have only two options in my area for used. stated in the title. the 1991 suzuki has 7000 miles on it and looks nice , the 1985 honda has 14000 miles on it. looking good as well. They are both about 3 hours away. so i have not tested them at all. What one would be the best for a newbie? im 6' 200 pounds. looking to drive it as a commute to work about 4 miles highway then in town. I will do some trail riding as well. Or do i just buy a new bike?

both the used ones are 1500. thanks for any help or suggestions.

sorry double posted.

you want the Dr.

google" Dr 650 thread"

I can't speak for the DR, but my 85 XL600R was a very good bike. The only real weakness it had, aside from the same crummy suspension the DR650 will have, was the the brakes weren't very strong. Otherwise it was powerful, had the best seat I ever parked my butt on and is a whole lot lighter than a DR650.

The XL600R specs say 320ish but mine was right at 300 on a scale thanks to the plastic Clark tank, aftermarket shock and exhaust. It was a fun bike that held its own pretty well on offroad rides and was pretty sweet on the highway. I hate heavy so I would probably go XL600R again for the primarily offroad riding that I do.

But as a commuter, I would go with the DR for the better brakes, lower miles and less age.


I'm not sure if the '91 DR650 had electric start, but if it does then look no farther. A friend had a 600 Honda and there's two things that you never did: #1 ~ shut it off on the trail (they are not know for restarting with ease ... and #2 ~ sit and idle (you can idle but don't sit on it as the amount of heat comming off the motor will bake you).

Honestly, the DR is a better bike in every way.

The 91 DR 650 is still a kick start, but it's not too bad to kick over. In the OP's case, take the newer bike with the least amount of miles on it. That'd be the DR.:lol:

Take the DR, forget about the XL.

Go with the DR.... my 92" ran great with 50k on it..... I use to buy used street tires for the rear , was my only transportation when I was a kid for 2.5 years.

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