Boysen Power Reeds

Do the Boysen Power reeds just fit in the stock valve or do I need the Boysen Valve as well?


fits in stock cage. Prepare to re jet.

so would you recommmend stock ones over the power reeds?

I have them right now in my yz250 but only for about 10 hours, so far no complains I did not rejet as I wanted a bit richer anyway. Stock, so I heard lasts longer but so far I need to see if that is also my experience.

so would you recommmend stock ones over the power reeds?

I like the power reeds but they definitely richen things up. Ran a set in my 125 for a good 60 hours with no issues.

My used 250 came with a set and i'm running them now.

I love boyesen power reeds! I have had them on all my toys, (snowmobiles, jetskis, bikes) stock cages. I feel a difference in throttle response for sure. Some applications more than others. I swap brass at least twice a year on my Yz anyway, (not sure about others) but I wouldn't be intimidated about re-jeting.

I've used power reeds on and off for the past 10 years. Really good and cheap way to liven up the throttle response and bottom end transition.

You'll have to rejet. Nothing major. Mainly on the low speed circuits, air screw, pilot jet and needle. The main might be ok. Just check anyway with a plug chop to be sure.

Favorite mod.I've put them in every 2t I've ever owned-usually the carbon pro series.Generally end up 2 sizes down main and pilot both though this varies depending on the bike.I usually do this for a start and fine tune.If you don't rejet you won't realize the benefit and it will just be rich and blubbery.

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