Riding on Moab - 400 DRZs OK?

I'm planning a 3 week trip to Utah in the spring, trying to determine what is the best bike suited to this trip. I will be mostly riding off road but will need something street legal since I want want to ride some of the areas (like the Maze district) that only allow street legal vehicles. I also plan on riding double with my spouse on some jeep routes. I also want to ride some of the trails like Slick Rock, Fins and Things, Hells Revenge, Soverign, etc (solo). I weight about 200lbs, 5'9". My thoughts are currently about a DRZ 400 but would like to get some other opinions. Also considering KTM 450EXC but don't know about riding 2 up on one.

Sure, why not. The KTM 450 EXC would be even better. You don't want to be riding two-up on either bike.

take 2 bikes, a real dirt bike, and a klr650 or similar suited for 2-up riding.

if you choose the DRZ you need to upgrade the suspension

springs suited to your weight and a revalve will make all the difference

KTM 450 EXC, then WR450, in that order...both have plenty of power, stone cold reliable, and fairly low maintenance. They can also be made street legal.

I vote for the DRZ...."IF" you keep the riding mellow, gear it down a bit from it's highway gearing and are strong enough to muscle it through the technical sections, which are many in Moab. The DRZ is a compromise in performance and heavier but will handle 2 up better.

I have ridden all of the trails you mentioned on a DRZ400. It has been massaged heavily for offroad use. Carb, Exhaust, Suspension and armor. Geared 12 - 47 with pirelli m43 rials tire and it was a mountain goat, just don't fall and you'll be fine.

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