Looking for some trails in NC

Hey guys. I normally ride at my place or about 5 miles up the street at my friends house, he has a trail going to an abandoned neighbhorhood that never had the houses built but did have lots cleared. We are looking for a good place to ride and Busco Beach is 50 miles from me. If anyone is within 20-30 miles of Willow Springs, NC and knows of a good area to ride (powerlines, empty fields, wood trails, trails behind your house?) please let me know. Maybe a local rider's secret area? If you have a field or trails and would allow riders, we do respect the area around us and won't cause a ruckus (other than the scream of a 2 stroke :busted:). You can post a reply on this thread, or simply shoot me an email at jeremiah.stevens@prodigy.net

Thanks guys! :busted:

Sounds like you're more into trail riding, but there's a really cool SX/MX track not far from you:

Great flow to it, every jump is do-able, (go small or go big, either way works). huge berm turns. I wish I lived that close.

Gooogal maps says it's 25 miles from Willow Springs, NC

35.707296, -78.386860 (MotoX Park East)

MotoX Park East - Archers Lodge, NC

You will probably get a better response if you post in the Southeast thread instead of Northeast.

I originally had this in the general dirt bike forum cause I couldnt find any other place. looks like it got moved....

Ahh, so the mods here need a US geography lesson before they move posts, at least they got it on the right coast:bonk:

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