Gasket Discontinued!

Hi, all. I'm new to this forum. I'm helping my nephew resurrect an '84 KLR 600, and have just been informed by Bikebandit that the Generator Gasket I ordered has been discontinued. Aack!

Before posting this note, I did take time to search this and other forums, without any success.

I'd appreciate any input from the group regarding sources for this gasket. It's been many years since I cut my own gaskets, and I'd prefer not to have to go that way since I don't know where my hole punches are.

Also, is it possible that we can forego the paper gasket and just use a modern miracle RTV sealant?

Many thanks for any contructive input!

Got a part number? Check with your local dealer. I've had a few incidences where BB's inventory system has some big mistakes in it. The worst mistake, the 4-stroke "prairie" using the same base gasket as a two-stroke bike.

Try using, Bike Bandit ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Cutting gaskets suck, but it might be the best alternative if it's really out of production.

they sell on ebay over hear I cant see the P&P being much I cut my own gaskets its less stress. One I had trouble getting cheap was the rubber one for the rocker cover

Thank, guys. I ended up buying a complete set from a fellow in Wales, via eBay, and had them in hand in 10 days.

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