1991 rm80 rebuild

Yes i have the lovely task of rebuilding the top end on my 1991 suzuki rm 80. i bought it off a buddy of mine for 50$ and it needs a new piston kit and apparently a sleeve? Heres my question is the 1991 rm80 sleeve nikasil? how would i go aboutss checking if it is. i rebuilt my 1992 rm80 but it didnt have any scoring. i want to bore out the 1991 rm80 cylinder but some are saying i cant if its nikasil plated. if it is nikasil plated i have 2 options of having it resleeved or replated which both cost about the same. so can i bore it out? and how can i tell if its nikasil plated?

Look at the intake and exhaust ports inside the cylinder. If there is a very thin layer of metal on the aluminum ( like aluminum foil thin), it's plated. If there is a thick layer of metal on the aluminum (like 1/8 inch) it's sleeved. You can bore it out either way, but I would contact a company that re-plates cylinders like Powerseal USA or Mellenium Technologies for advice. You don't have to bore it out to have it re-plated, but you can if you want a small boost in power. If it has a sleeve, then boring to next size would be needed if the cylinder is scored.

Yeah its sleeved. so that means i can bore it out right?

yes you can bore it out if its sleeved ha ha weird i have a 1991 and a 1992 rm80 also.

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