HELP, Where can I buy a pilot Jet ????

Hello, I need some help. I need to get some leaner pilot jets ( 40,38 ) for my 01' YZ 426. Since the main jet is the same as the two stroke version from my old KX 250's carb, I figured that the pilot would be the same also. My dealer tells me that it's not, and replacements are $12.50 from Yamaha.

However, he was calling it a "slow jet" where the manual calls it a pilot jet. I'm not sure I trust the dealer to order the right part, and I need it with in one week for a trip to Colorado. Plus sometimes Yamaha takes a while to send parts to the dealer.

Anybody know where you can get one other than through Yamaha? Is it possible to order directly from Keihin???

Thanks for your help.


You can try

I've talked to them on the phone about parts for the FCR carb and should have the jets you need. The pilot jets are diff. from a 2 stroke.



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I just tried the link and it looks like their site is down but it was working yesterday.


Actually, I just tried a place called, and they had them for $3.50 each, and they had the ones I needed in stock.

Thanks for the other site however.


That’s one more dealer who is a f***ing idiot. Is anybody keeping track of this?

Yes, the pilot is the same as a two stroke (PWK) Keihin carb.

Do me a favor and go verbally abuse your moronic dealer on my behalf.

In his defense, the slant FCR does have a different pilot, but the Yamaha only Flat CR used since ’00 does not. He truly should have known.

BTW “slow jet” and “pilot jet” are interchangeable terms as far as I know.

Thanks Hick, I'll go cast some aspersions toward my dealer right away. The guy at sudco also thought the pilot was different from the 2 stroke model. I thought that "slow jet" and "pilot jet" were the same, but my manual said pilot jet and I didn't want the wrong part coming 2 days before I leave for Colorado. Out of 4 dealers that I talked to, only 1 knew what gasket I was talking about when I said I needed a new one that goes between the header and the silencer. Oh well, what are you going to do.



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