overhead valve sprin compressor question

Has anyone used one of these on motorcycle valves? I have used them on cars, I don't want to tear the head off the bike???? its a 86 xl600 and I just need to do the valve seals. like this? How do you attach a picture on here?


It will work fine as long as there is enough room around the valve spring to allow access for the tool. I have one of those tools, and they are fairly limited because of clearance issues. Some cylinder heads have the valve springs recessed into a cavity, and you can't fit the tool in. I have no idea how much room there is on your xl600.


In order to show that picture, I right clicked on the photo, then clicked on "properties". I copied the "address (URL)" then pasted it into the text of the message preceded by "and followed by" (don't included the " quotation marks, I had to put those in so the BB didn't think it was supposed to be a picture and displsy a red X.)

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