DRZ 400 for Moab DS?

I'm planning a 3 week trip to Utah in the spring, trying to determine what is the best bike suited to this trip. I will be mostly riding off road but will need something street legal since I want want to ride some of the areas (like the Maze district) that only allow street legal vehicles. I also plan on riding double with my spouse on some jeep routes. I also want to ride some of the trails like Slick Rock, Fins and Things, Hells Revenge, Sovereign, etc (solo). I weight about 200lbs, 5'9". My thoughts are currently about a DRZ 400s but would like to get some other opinions.

You don't say how much your wife weighs, but I'm about your size and my wife is about 130. I personally wouldn't ride double on anything but smooth pavement and maybe some dirt roads. The bike suffers enough on flat smooth roads. Fire roads maybe. Jeep trails, no way.

I don't know what those trails are like but the DRZ can most likely do the job. If the trails are tight/steep you definately don't want anything heavier than the Z. Given your weight and the plan for some two up riding you should get some stiffer springs front for sure and maybe rear. Proper valving for the new springs would be good also. Send your parts off to SSW and have Eddie's crew do the work, you'll be happy. I weigh about 190 with gear and I was amazed at how much better the bike works with the proper suspension work.

A lot of other things to consider, case savers, radiator guards, maybe a bigger tank, proper tires (don't attempt too much off road shenanigans with the stock Trail Wings), hand guards, and the list goes on.

Sounds like a good adventure, have fun and stay safe.

The DRZ is an excellent choice for enjoying off pavement riding. It will do highway, just not as comfortably as a larger less dirt worthy bikes. But for maximizing the fun in the dirt and getting by on the highway, excellent choice.

For use with a passenger it may be a challenge. That high seat height does make it difficult to keep balance at low speed maneuvers, put your foot down on the low grade side and you are falling over. It would be difficult two up on a chewed up jeep trail. It can be done just not as fun. A custom seat would be nice if you two are on it for any length of time.

Other bikes to consider:

Yamaha WR250R surprising highway performance for small displacement, great off pavement bike. It would have the same tall seat issues.

For bikes that would be better for a passenger, something with a lower seat, and if you do not need to cruise over 60 mph, look at the Honda CRF230L or Yamaha XT250. Not the hot rod the DRZ or WR are but they are fun and have sufficient power to get you around in the dirt and gravel.

I was just there and rode those trails and several more....The Z is a great choice for all but the most technical/big Jeep trails......or maybe I'm just not good enough to get up some of the bigger steps! :busted:

Don't forget 7 mile rim to Monitor and Merrimac (my favorite), the White Rim Trail, Sovereign single track and the Sovereign ATV loop up to Klondike, then a run up the River and catch the Top of the World trail, and on, and on, and on.....I love it down there.

When are you going?

Link to a couple of pics....http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=10764587#post10764587

I take it you don't have the bike yet...............are you going to bring one out, or buy out here?

Does the Mrs. ride on her own? You could borrow my daughter's TTR125L (street legal) if you'd like........

Two up and off road don't mix....When I go bush I tell the mrs it's time for her to go visit the rels...

Sorry ,but I don't think it's much fun and there is always the safety factors to consider when two up...

Maybe your lady would make a good support vehicle driver....

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