Newbie looking to buy an 1982 XT 200

Hey everybody! New to thumpertalk. Ive been looking to buy some sort of yamaha dual sport, once i get rid of the zuma. Ive found a 1982 XT 200, the owner says its in great shape. Its been sitting for a couple years with the gas drained. He wants 750 for it, what should i offer him? Also, i was wondering if there is a lot of parts out there or not. ( i'm guessing not from the research I've done) Any info on the older XT 200's would be appreciated! Thanks! :busted:

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If he's got a title and the bike is stock, looks decent, $750 is a high, but fair price. I'd try to get him down to about $600. If he won't budge, it's still reasonable. There aren't many XT200 around any more.

OTOH, if it's beat up, missing stuff, looks like it's been run through a creek and left there for months, walk away. Finding parts for these bikes is not easy.

I missed out on a XT200? 350? a year or two ago. Someday I may own the entire set from 1983.

I think this is a very good used bike buying guide:

Also, if you're completely new to motorcycles, ask in the Vintage forum if there's any CO/(your area) riders who would be willing to tag along for the test-drive. These guys are into vintage bikes and thus would be a good resource for yea/nea on your potential new machine.

Last, if you've never taken it, find a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course in your area and register as soon as possible for the course. I even recommend this to people who are just thinking about buying a 50cc POS scooter to run around town. The information you'll get is invaluable.

thanks for the info! I really appreciate it. The hard thing about this sale is its been sitting for a while so the tires are flat and im guessing the carb isnt in running condition. What should I do to see if the motor runs? I know ive sprayed gas out of a spray bottle into the intake of a go cart to get it to turn over when the carb was gummed up, will that work with this bike? Also, what else should i check to see if the brakes and suspension are good to go?

Definitely read the link I posted, it'll tell you all about suspension stuff.

As far as the tires and carb go, ask the guy if you can add gas (bring a gallon with you) and see if it fires up? It's good for you and good for him. You know if it runs, if it does run, it's good for him because that's one less thing that you can use to chip away at his selling price.

The worst case is you turn on the gas and gas spills out of the carb in which case it probably needs a new float valve and general carb cleaning while you're in there.

If he says no, tell him you can't offer more than... half? $400 of what he's asking.

Flat tires are no big deal, off-road tubes and tires will run you $150 on the high end. Just bring a air-tank or air-pump. If it runs, inflate the tires and take it for a test ride.

However, I would consider the flat tires in your offer. I had a kid (unfortunately) who was selling a YZ80 I was sort of interested in buying. He told me the tires are flat as well as a number of other things that are wrong with the bike over the phone before I went to look at it.

Well, when I got there, miraculously the tires were inflated! That's great, but they're still flat. If the tires looked good, and the only problem I found was old tubes, I wouldn't care too much. OTOH, if the tires looked like somebody did burnouts on pavement, the levers are bent, the bike doesn't stay running, when it finally idles after dad messes with it, but now it doesn't want to get-up-and-go? Offer went way down. Kid balked and insisted he had other people coming to look at it as I drove away. I wish him the best of luck, but that bike needed way too much work for the price he wanted.

Funny, two or three years ago when I was so desperately in need of a parts XT550, you guys had them coming out of your ears for $300.

Thanks for the replys but I called the guy to go see it and he sold it!!!!! Guess Ill go craiglisting again...

There will be others. Always remember this when you're looking at an ad for a bike that's exactly like what you want, but twice as much as you want to spend. I find myself in that predicament too often.

"Wow! Look! A nearly perfect XYZ123 on CL for $2000. That guy's crazy. OTOH, I didn't act fast enough when I saw that pretty good one for $700 and missed it... Ok, if I move money from account A to account B and then use the formerly savings to pay this bill and that bill then I can buy it..."

Six month later it's relisted for $600, I call the seller and run over with cash like a fat kid behind the ice cream truck. Net result: I keep my savings, get a bike in better condition AND have $100 to spend on beer or jewelry.

Most likely jewelry.

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