rebuild guides

I plan on rebuilding my entire motor on my 02 rm 125. This will be my first rebuild so I was just wondering if there is any good guides or tutorials to help out the process. Any tips or suggestions would much appreciated as well!

definatly get a manual if u dont have one already.....i make a carboard cutout of each side of the motor and mark the holes with a black marker punch holes in it and slide the bolts thru cause some bolts are diff lengths...i hate throwin them all in a bucket and tryin to figure out wich one is wich when puttin it back together.....ill also take pics of the clutch side to see the gears and springs of how they went same with the tranny...some manuals dont show pics...on the topend i clean everything up take out the powervalve clean all the carbon buildup off it i clean everything im purdy anal about that on a rebuild....thats my two cents on the tear down.....everyone does it dfferent i take my time and dont rush....and you will need some specialty tools for somethings u can always take it to a dealer...i bought the specialty tools cause i do alot of rebuilds

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