03 KX-250 -- is it worth it?

I have an opportunity to buy a friends 2003 kx250 for $1000. It is all stock except for a pipe/exhaust. It was trail ridden 10-15 times a year (most of which I was present for) until 2007 at which time it was stored away in a garage.

I'm not sure if all the fuel was drained when it was stored so I'm curious what if any action will be required there... Carb rebuild/cleanup? Plug? Etc...?

bottom line - how does the price look...?

is it average, a real steal, high, etc..

thanks for any/all input.


I would buy it for that price but bikes around here would be in the $3000-4000 range for an 03 unless it was a junker.

If it is in good shape, that is a great deal. Around here that would be $1,500-1,800 depending on condition. I'd have no problem a grand for an 03 as long as it was well maintained.

I'd buy it!

buy it!

If you don't buy it I would!

buy it now

Ware in Cali ., I have a G

thanks for the feedback. Looks like I'll be picking the bike up tonight for 1K.

dang I need friends more like those you have.

The '03 KX-250 is home... going to spend some time this weekend getting the maintenance current and firing it up. Cosmetically, the bike is in excellent condition and from my knowledge I'm expecting the same mechanically.


More before pics!!!!!!:busted::busted:

Wow! Looks great. Congratulations.

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