thinking of getting a 12 kxf250

hello i am a yamaha lover but they are not bringing 2012 250fs into the uk so im thinking of getting a kwak 250f,

how long you all getting out of your valves?

how are the bikes now as i had a 05 kwak and spent more time shimming the bike all the time than riding it.

what you all think of the 12?

many thanks carl

The valves have received several updates from that year.

Valves are not a big problem area on the KXF, they last a long time.

It all comes down to maintenance, riding style and conditions of course, but an average rider should be able to get 80-120 hours before the clearance is gone.

The 12 is a very nice bike with almost 40 hp stock, as well as a broad powerband. The suspension is cutting edge and highly liked, the looks are phenomenal and durability is way up there.

just rode one. great easy bike to ride. i was blown away how good the stock rear shock was.

thank you, thats what news i wanted ,is the valves to be alot better now,

cheers carl

i had 07,09 an 2010 only one valve in over 300 hours total.

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