Power Distribution

not trying to start the whole 2 stroke vs 4 stroke war here but how does a 125 2 stroke power compare to a 250f 4 stroke power.

when you look at where and how the power is delivered throughout the rpm range, they are completely different bikes. I raced a yz125 on my yz250f, equal skill, weight, traction, maintenance on the bikes, mods, and we were DEAD even the entire race all the way up to top speed. I was pretty surprised it was such a close race.

Just use google. There are dyno comparisons out there that you can look at side by side. This way we don't have to have this whole conversation again.

Generally in a drag, the 250f should win. Not sure what was up with the above post. Keep in mind, the 250 has a 100% displacement advantage, and a considerably wider powerband, while the peak HP is near equal.

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