fork seal recomendations?

anybody have a brand other than oem of fork seals they recommend. i have used the "never leak" before on another bike, and they are garbage. but i have a 98 yz 400f and need to rebuild the forks so i was wondering if anyone has found a brand of seals they have really had good experience with.

Can't go wrong with OEM, that's what I always use.

Can't go wrong with OEM, that's what I always use.

Get the Pivot Works kit it comes with bushings I think, the forks are porbably leaking because the bushings are shot.

well i intend on doing the bushings too, just wondering if anyone made a good long lasting seal besides the oem. the oem seem to last a long time don't get me wrong, just was wondering if there was anything better.

SKF will outlast oem and they have less stiction

SKF will outlast oem and they have less stiction

X2. I think KTM is using even these at the factory now.

My last experience with the Pivot Works kit was a bad one, and will probably be my last. I used Yamaha OEM on the last go around and they are holding up well.

I've always had the best experience(s) with OEM seals, although I'd be interested to try those SKF seals, I've never heard of them before.

skf has been making engine seals and bearing for many years, im surprised to see they have moved into the moto market though. i will have to check them out and see what they have to offer.

also a note on stiction..... how many of you have ever done a test to see how much stiction your forks have, if your stiction isn't greater than the weight of your wheel, it doesn't really matter, if the stiction is greater than the weight of the wheel (ie when you lift the front of the bike off the ground the wheel should drop a bit.), you probably have bigger problems than seals, its probably a stuck or clogged valve.

people love to throw around stiction but unless you weigh nothing its not that big of a factor.

the skf who makes bearing mekes the seals??

SKF makes good stuff (yes the same company that makes bearings Tsorpi),

Easy.....OEM every time.

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