03 yz250f to aluminum frame

hi i have a 2003 yz250f and i was just wondering how easy or what you would have to do to swap everything to lik a 06 yz250f frame because i love the bike but it is just kind of heavy. i know you talked about it with a yz250 but i was just wondering about a four stroke cuz i dont want to get rid of it cuz i was gonna sell it for a 125 with a aluminum frame

Aluminum frame bike weighs close to the same as steel frame. 03 to 05 is easier to get to the carb boot on. Search on id Psellers for complete build out of the swap with pics. Paul did an excellent job documenting it.

It can be done if you have enough money and skills. How much of the 06 do you have since you'll need the plastics, forks etc etc

i was going to go to some salvage yards with bikes around my area and get parts. but i was wondering if that would be all it takes get my bike as light as the 06s or wat else i would need.

Almost nothing on your 03 will bolt right on to an 06 frame. You will not make any money piecing an 06 together if you plan to sell it for a 125.

Sell the 03 and buy a 125.

i wasnt goin to trade it for a 125 if i got it to be as light as one of the newer 06 250f i was goin to trade it for a 125 if i wasnt able to make the bike lighter jus cuz i want a light bike

Personally, the 250F has more tractable power, hooks up better, is easier to control, revs to higher rpms, and is just more fun to ride than a peaky 125. In head-to-head tests, a 250F will beat a 125 according to the magazines tests I've read. In my opinion..... it's got more capability to go fast than I have ability to ride it, and I weigh 180.

id just buy the 125 or buy an 06. it would take over nearly 100 hours of work and more money than it would to buy an 06. or buy and 06 chassis and put you motor in it which would take less time and money but still probs not worth it

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