New plastics!

I got an Acerbis silver award card for 40% off. So, I am going to get new plasitics for my bike (02 yz250). The kit doesn't come with the front number plate or fork guards. They said the front fender and the side panels have changed in 06. Will the 06 side panels bolt up to my bike? I sorta like the look of the newer front fender that is why I am asking.

and what year is your bike?

02 yz250

Anyone know? They both have the same sub frame and frame geometry, so everything from 06 should bolt up to my 02, right??

Yep side plates will fit.

All the plastics from 02+ are interchangable on the 2 strokes! Since the kit doesnt come with a front fender, grap up a 10-11 450 fender.

The kit does come with the front fender. It doesn't come with the front number plate. Maybe I can order all the parts separate. Do you think my bike would look good with the 2011 450 front fender? Also, does anyone know if the side panels look any different from pre 06 to 06?

Sorry I misread about the fender/ # plate... but yes the 450 fender and #plate makes any Yz look great! Gives it just enough of the current look. I have one on my 96 Yz and it gives it a current look for sure. Really cleans up the lines. Looks better than my 08 for sure.

Old fender and plate


New fender and plate



Just to give you an idea of what it will look like compared to the normal round Yz fender (I know my old one is a little different but it is still pretty similar to what you have). I think the old fender looks pretty silly in comparisonson when you can update for the same price.

I dont believe there is any difference in the side plates look wise.

The right side panel on the '05 and newer YZ has a slightly different curvature to it. It should fit your '02 with no difficulties, however.

Also, I remember the front numberplate mounting tabs mounting up a little differently on the bottom triple clamp... they went from a male/female slip fit to a female/male or something like that.... it may have been pre- '02 however. Pay close attention to that on your numberplate if you get an '06 plate.

Yep, front plate is slightly different but you can mount it up easily with some plastic spacers/different screws if i remember right. It will look sweet on your 02' It was not hard to figure out. Someone has covered it on here before. Good LucK!

Thanks for all of your help!

No problem... if you go to the 06+ or 11 F fender and plate check out the sticky at the top of the 2 stroke forum. It gives a step by step with pics on how to mount them up and its really easy.

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